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Estimated Time: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Beginner



Taking your current career or transferred skills abroad is an overlooked way of leaping to another country. Expat Fundamentals provides foundational knowledge, one-on-coaching, and beginning job search tips for career professionals seeking to use their career skills as assets in another nation.

As a participant of Expat Fundamentals, you will :

  • Get your Start on the Expat Journey – learn and explore the initial stage of your expat journey.
  • Know your Purpose and Values – reflect, discuss, and recognize the importance of your purpose of values for taking an expat journey.
  • Take steps for your Employment Aboard – gain general tips for starting an overseas job search and you help start your job search plan

This course includes:

  • Three (3) modules covering 15+ lessons
  • Forty-five (45) minutes of one-on-one coaching
  • Four (4) downloadable worksheets
  • Bonus resources


Karla went from being a third culture kid (TCK) and a thriving expat while taking her career abroad. She is a Higher Ed professional, International Higher Ed consultant, and founder of Roseapple Global, LLC. Since childhood, Karla has lived, worked, and succeeded in 10 countries in her education, career, and building a business. Karla is a strategist; she enjoys helping people and educational organizations create their desired goals and pathways. She merged her passion for global adventures with education and developed an expertise in student affairs administration. During her twenty (20) years in higher education administration, ten (10) have been international. She is skilled in strategic planning, student housing, staff engagement, and policy development.

Karla’s years abroad have led her to help others make the international leap through expat coaching. She continued to execute her purpose through expat career coaching and consulting for student affairs/services. Karla provides a collaborative approach with her individual, group, and institutional clients to ensure progress towards their desired outcomes. She has been to 50+ countries and enjoys beach locations, visiting historical sites, reading, movies, creativity in the kitchen, listening to music, and conversing about trending current events.


This course is a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning with access of up to 6 months after purchase.


Full payment: $297 USD


Our refund policy is 50% within 30 days of purchase and no refund starting day 31 of purchase. You will also have 6 months of access to your course.


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